Career Profile: Lexa Gundelach, Global Sales

Career Profiles is a series of posts that features Haas students who have accepted an internship or full time job offer across various industries.


Lexa Gundelach is currently a 3rd year Business Administration student. She transferred to Haas from Diablo Valley College, where she was highly active on campus as the President of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, among other things. Since coming to UC Berkeley, Lexa has been involved with the Undergraduate Marketing Association (UMA) as an event consultant and worked on social media marketing with the Latino Business Student Association (LBSA). This spring, she is co-teaching two UBGA 198 DeCal courses, Marketing & Networking, and Marketing Thought Leadership. She recently accepted an offer from LinkedIn as a Global Sales Intern in the San Francisco office for this coming summer.

Was it difficult recruiting for a “non-ABC” internship? What were some of the challenges that you faced throughout the process?

Although there aren’t nearly as many recruiting events on campus for “non-ABC” internships/full-time positions, I wouldn’t say it was difficult. Through self-directed online research, company info sessions on campus, and networking I was able to find many opportunities in the fields of marketing and sales. I also believe that the work you put into recruiting is made much easier if you’re passionate about the work and the companies you are applying for.

How important was networking before, during, and after your interviews?

Networking was the most important aspect of the recruiting process for me by far. Making a human connection with recruiters and interviewers is extremely important to make a lasting impression. I went to every info session and networking event LinkedIn held on campus last semester so I could connect with the recruiters and make myself memorable, knowing that they meet many, many students each week from top colleges. Staying in touch with recruiters during and after the interview process is also important and following up shows you are eager about the position.

Why did you choose Global Sales at LinkedIn? Was it a difficult choice?

I became interested in LinkedIn from an info session I attended about their full-time positions in Global Sales available for graduating seniors. I went anyways because I figured they would be able to answer the questions I had about internship opportunities, which they happily did. During the info session, the passion that the employees held for the company and the work that they were doing stood out to me. LinkedIn’s values and leadership resonated with me and the more research I did on the company, the more I became interested. I decided to apply for the Global Sales internship because I am intrigued by consumer behavior and understanding what motivates people, so I wanted to be in a client-facing role where I could help people reach their full potential using LinkedIn. This choice was not difficult for me as I did a lot of research on the company and work environment so I knew that it was the right fit for me!

What advice do you have for students who are currently recruiting or beginning the process this coming fall?

First, I recommend that incoming students this fall find a field of business that they are passionate about and then put their effort into networking with companies that they have shared values with. This makes the process much easier. Second, this may sound like promotion, but looking up the LinkedIn profiles of your recruiters/interviewers before your interviews is a great tool. Try to pick up on one fact about your interviewer from their profile that doesn’t have to do with their career and ask them a question about it at the end of the interview. There’s almost always time at the end of interviews for questions so prepare at least three questions to ask (this shows you are not only prepared but interested in the position). Lastly, remember to be yourself in interviews. Recruiting and being a full-time student is stressful and difficult at times but keep a positive outlook and remember that the outcome is worth it!

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