Welcome Haas Undergraduate Blog Team (2016-17)!

The Haas Undergraduate Blog is a platform dedicated to providing an “insider perspective” into life as a student at Haas. It aims to serve as a valuable resource for Haas alumni, as well as current, non-major, incoming, and prospective Haas undergraduates, who are interested in learning about the culture and current happenings in the prestigious business program.

We are excited to introduce the Haas Undergraduate Blog Team (2016-17)!

We have a diverse group of bloggers ranging from various backgrounds: continuing, transfer, student veteran, and international. Meet the team!

Katherine Krive, Class of 2017

Katherine .jpg
Katherine Krive, Managing Director

Hello, Haas community! I am thrilled to be the Managing Director for our Haas Undergraduate Student Blog this year. I am originally from Petaluma, CA (just an hour northwest of here) and will be finishing up my business administration degree this coming May. Mentorship is one of my passions. I’m involved as a mentor in several organizations throughout campus, including the Haas Mentorship program, SPMP for transfer students, and Livingwater Church.

This past summer, I interned as a management consultant associate in Silicon Valley, where I worked on projects within the tech industry, and simultaneously confirmed that I want to continue in consulting post-graduation. In my free time I love grabbing chai with friends, singing, finding new cafes to snapchat, and traveling. I look forward to working for you this year to continue providing a glimpse into life as a Haas student through the blog, building community, and building our brand as one of the top undergraduate business programs in the country.


Lexa Gundelach, Class of 2017

lexa pic.jpg
Lexa Gundelach, Co-Director

Hello there! I’m a co-director for the Haas Undergraduate Blog this year and a senior at Haas. I am from the Bay Area and I am a proud transfer student. With the time I’ve been at UC Berkeley, I have had the chance to get involved in multiple business organizations, co-teach a DeCal, and land an awesome internship at a tech company. I have also been able to give back and help community college students transfer to UC Berkeley through the Starting Point Mentorship Program.

Although I haven’t found my true passion, I am pursuing a career in either marketing or consulting – ideally consulting in the marketing space. Besides academics, I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and skiing. Fun fact: I ski 2-3 times a year in New Mexico! I also have a love for traveling: I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during my first year of college and I have started planning a post-grad trip to Southeast Asia.


Dana Siegel, Class of 2017

DanaSiegelHeadShot (1)
Dana Siegel, Senior Writer

I’ve transitioned from a Newport Beach island dweller to an enthusiastic Cal Bear. I’m proud to have earned a place on the Dean’s Honor Roll as a fourth year, double major in the Haas Undergraduate Business Administration program and Legal Studies in The College of Letters and Science. I’m an active participant in the Berkeley community through my roles as President of Order of Omega, an all Greek honor and leadership society, and as a member of the Student Gift Campaign. I’m finally back from across the pond.

I’m excited to be home, having traded Big Ben for the Berkeley Campanile. My experiences are widely varied and include planning large, philanthropic fundraising events, most recently in Berkeley as Vice President of Philanthropic Service for the Sigma Kappa sorority, benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. I’ve had an interesting journalism career as Editor of three high school papers (two of which were launched by me). I have created digital marketing, designs, and advertisements included an art exhibition created during my time studying abroad, published by University College London (UCL).

I’ve combined an active social life with serious academic pursuits. I spent my past summers taking law courses from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst and ULC. My involvement in Haas and my legal studies course work have reaffirmed my desire to continue my education in law and business. The intricacies, complications, craftsmanship, and creativity used in navigating our legal system and managing businesses are both intriguing and exciting to me.  GO BEARS!


Sammy Tong, Class of 2017

Sammy Tong_Photo.jpg
Sammy Tong, Senior Writer

Hello! My name is Sammy Tong and I’m a continuing writer here on the Undergraduate Blog. I’m originally from Hong Kong but I’ve lived in Canada and the States too. Last semester, I studied abroad in Sweden (so if you’re interested in studying abroad, let me tell you all the amazing things that make it worthwhile).

In my free time, I like to bake and cook. I am an avid subscribe of cooking channels on YouTube and enjoy making my own recipes when I need to de-stress. If I have spare time, I also enjoy going outdoors- especially hikes or water sports. I’m a morning person so I like to take a run in the morning before the day starts- it keeps me refreshed! You should consider it too! Another fun fact about me is that I’ve finally gotten around downloaded Yelp so now I’m quite obsessed with writing restaurant reviews.


Michael Saucedo, Class of 2018

Michael Saucedo, Writer

My name is Michael, I graduated high school in 2009 and as the oldest of 5 kids I helped support my family financially through the recession of 2008. After a year of working full time I joined the Marine Corps where I was stationed for 1 year at Camp Fuji, Japan and 3 years at Camp Pendleton, California. I deployed on a humanitarian relief mission in 2011 following the 9.0 earthquake that struck north eastern Japan, and deployed again with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2012. I left the Marines in 2014 and attended a local junior college to assist with my transition to civilian life. I transferred to the Haas School of Business this past June and was named a Regents and Chancellor Scholar at UC Berkeley.

My goal is to work in finance at a competitive tech company in order to exemplify as a business professional that success is possible for anyone regardless of social or cultural backgrounds. I like to shoot things and was a two time expert qualifier with the M16/M4 in the US Marine Corps, I am currently enrolled in the Archery decal at Berkeley. I also like strategy based games, particularly Texas Hold Em since it is a game that has a large spectrum of skill level and it is something you could play almost anywhere. I like to travel and I’ve been to Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Guam, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines (mostly through military service).


Mina Seo, Class of 2017

Mina Seo, Writer

My name is Mina Seo and I am a 4th year business, and peace and conflict studies major. I love to travel and stay active! Some of the places I have been to are Zion National Park, Korea, and England!

I also love to snowboard. I am on the ski and snowboard team, and I treasure every moment I have with the snow. I even think about snow during the summer and even now. My dream is to travel the world and check out really amazing ski resorts and go back country snowboarding in Alaska.

I love to sing and dance. You could say I’m a double threat but I’m no threat at all. I danced for Main Stacks Dance Team in college, and was in choir for 7 years. Nowadays I just sing and dance in the shower or car.

As a peace and conflict studies major, I am really interested in learning about history and social justice. I believe that revenge only fosters more hate, and that nothing ever justifies killing innocent (and sometimes guilty) human beings. I’m also into human rights activism, and addressing economic inequality especially in developing nations.


Arhum Ali, Class of 2018



My name is Arhum Ali, and I am a junior transfer at the Haas School of Business.  My passion in helping young people maximize their potential in their formidable years is what has driven me in becoming the founder of two non-profit organizations.  

The DJ Halal Radio project has the objective of feeding young minds with positive-spirited inspiration, and Strive Fitness is a camp that promotes and inculcates physical fitness into their lives. I enjoy basketball, working-out, and reading books. This year I had the unique pleasure of skydiving which was probably the best experience of my life.  I also love making new friends and am a very interesting person to get to know.



Federico Crivelli, Class of 2018

Federico Crivelli, Writer

I was born and raised in the Italian capital of Fashion and Business, Milan. When I was 16, I put a cross next to the box “United States, anywhere,” I signed at the bottom, and one year later I was a foreign exchange student in a VERY small farm town in Washington State. I absolutely loved it and fell in love with the U.S., so I decided I wanted to stay. I went to Santa Barbara City College for two years before transferring to Cal.

Today I am a junior studying Business Administration; I am interested in consulting and I am looking into different business clubs on campus. I am also involved in the Greek System, and I am currently pledging the social fraternity Phi Kappa Psi, where I am running for Pledge Social Chair… My biggest passion is for people, as I love making new friends and learning from others (yes, I like that more than learning from books!).

I am also very passionate about health and fitness, and I believe in the Latin maxim “mens sana in corpore sano,” which means “a healthy mind inside of a healthy body.” I believe taking care of your body is just as important as studying and training your mind, and you can expect me mentioning this in at least one blog post if I may. Swimming is my favorite type of fitness, but other than that I also enjoy traveling, exploring, cooking (duh, I am Italian), and most importantly EverythingAndAnything as long as I do it with my friends.


Josh Wang, Class of 2017

Headshot Wang, Joshua.png
Josh Wang, Writer

I am a senior at Haas who is passionate about people. In my last year at Haas, my ultimate goal is to cultivate my relationships with the people around me and make it an unforgettable year. I’m starting to realize that my time at this amazing school is coming to a close, and am driven to create as many fun memories as possible.

Professionally, I am interested in a career at the intersection of technology and finance, but eventually would like to start a business that brings people together and makes an impact on the community.  Outside of class and work, I love to meet people and network. I never pass up a chance to get coffee or chat over dinner, and love talking about things that matter – such as politics, philosophy, and whether Kanye’s new music is better than his old music.

Beyond that, I am also passionate about boxing and kickboxing, which I’ve been doing for about 1 ½ years, and surfing, which I’ve been trying to do since I graduated high school. Overall, I am a very active guy and my version of an ideal weekend would be a road trip to Santa Cruz to hike in the mountains before trekking down to the beach to surf.

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