What You Can Do With a Business Degree

Although many Haas students have gotten their full time offers through recruiting last semester, a new season of recruiting has begun for those who have not gone the traditional, ABC (accounting banking and consulting) route. This goes for me as well. Many Haas students may go the ABC route, but here are fields you can go into with a business major!


Marketing is arguably closely related to business. However, recruiting for this type of work does not start until late October and even January! Because of that, marketing is a great field that does not follow the traditional ABC route. Marketing is a great field for business majors because there are many classes at Berkeley that you can take! For example, Advertising Strategies (UGBA 165), Product Branding and Branded Entertainment (UGBA 162A)


Going into the non-profit/philanthropy sector is something many Berkeley students do, and it’s a great sector that students can apply what they learn from their business courses! Many business majors go into non-profit work because they want to be a part of something they feel passionate about. Social Movements and Social Media (UGBA 192AC) is a great course that highlights social movements across the US. There are also internship opportunities during the semester students can participate in during the semester.


As a peace and conflict studies double major, I see myself working in government. Berkeley Haas provides classes regarding Negotiations (UGBA 152), and has their own global international management concentration that focus on international perspectives in business. A great class to take is Introduction to International Business (UGBA 178). Even the required 12 non business units could be used to take courses in the Poli Sci or PACS department.


When I typically think of research, you think of people wearing lab coats and using flasks and graduated cylinders. But there are many research opportunities that business majors can pursue, especially in the field of market research! This is especially important for people in other fields, because they use the data to make conclusions about their customers. Marketing Research (UGBA 161) is a great course for those interested in numbers, but also love the aspect of business.


Business is a diverse major that can be applied to many fields. From the traditional ABC routes to the 4 fields listed above, students can use their business degree to pursue whatever they want. 

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