Tips When Pursuing a Simultaneous Degree

Many Haas Undergraduates are driven, motivated students. So it comes to no surprise that some of these students want to pursue a simultaneous degree. A simultaneous degree is almost the same as a double major; however, the majors are in different colleges (i.e. Business Degree and a Media Studies Degree). As a student pursuing a simultaneous degree, here are some tips to consider to make it less challenging!

Make a 4 or 2 Year Plan

Once you get into Haas, you will be asked to fill out a simultaneous degree packet, due by a certain date. Within this packet will be a 4 year scheduler that you can fill out to figure out what classes you will take.

For me, I wanted to take Haas classes separately from my Peace and Conflict Studies courses. I also studied abroad in the summer, so I took into account those classes which would be used to fulfill my degree requirements. With this, I was able to complete my Business requirements by Fall 2016, and am on track to complete my PACS requirements by Spring 2017.

Take Advantage of Classes that Count for Both Majors

I understand that some simultaneous degree holders may not be able to fulfill their other major requirement with business courses, but I was fortunate enough to do so. For those in Media Studies and other Social Science majors like PACS, business courses are a great way to reduce the number of classes to take.

Classes like UGBA 162ac, UGBA 165, UGBA 178, UGBA 152 are great examples of fun classes that also fulfill both the Haas Major Requirement and other majors!

If not, Haas also requires 12 units of non business major requirements that could be used to count toward the Business degree.

Stay Flexible

Scheduling classes can be a hassle sometimes; your 2 year plan may need some adjustment, or one class you wanted to take isn’t offered that semester. For example, I tried to take UGBA  178 but it always conflicted with a core class I planned to take each semester. However, by staying flexible, I was able to get all the classes I needed to graduate on time.

There will be times when plans go awry, so it is important to always stay organized and flexible

Instigate Relationships with Major Advisors

Advisors are also always there to help you succeed, so it is always important to rely on them for help. Advisors are also great sources students can use to plan out absolutely everything with. My major advisors helped me figure out what courses were best for me, and which concentration to focus on with the classes I’ve already taken. If it weren’t for them, I would probably have to stay an extra semester.


Obtaining a simultaneous degree is challenging, but doable. These tips really helped me stay organized and on top of things so that I could study what I love. Hopefully these tips are useful for future students who want to pursue a simultaneous degree.

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