Who You Gonna Call? Noor Gaith: The iPhone Guy

From Center: Nuurglass founder and CEO Noor Gaith surrounded by his team of expert technicians.

 ​“I became the Napa Valley iPhone guy,” joked Noor Gaith as he told me about his path to becoming an expert tech and go-to electronic wizard on the UC Berkeley campus. Gaith’s company, Nuurglass, offers uber-like on demand, cost-effective, and student-run cell phone and computer repair. His eager, helpful, can-do attitude is part of the company culture and extends to his technicians whose efficiency and friendliness virtually erase the angst, stress, and disaster of damaging one of your electronics.

​Nuurglass, which began as father-son bonding back in 2007, inspired in part by his father’s Mechanical Engineering background, nurtured into Gaith’s electronic and entrepreneurial expertise. After successfully repairing his brother’s iPhone, he became Napa student’s go-to for tech. Encouraged by promotion from his brother and his father’s enthusiasm for hands-on learning, Nuurglass took off. While in community College, Gaith balanced 20 unit course loads, daily repairs, building his business and technical skills, and preparing his transfer application to Haas. UC Berkeley and Haas provides the education and student base necessary to grow his company.

​Gaith is grateful for the support, confidence, and ‘push’ his family gave him to pursue expanding his hobby into a company. He realized the necessity to take smart risks when the correct opportunities presented themselves. At Haas, Gaith was inspired to grow his company from a solo-operation to a multi-employee and platform endeavor. With a team of student-professional technicians available, on-demand, Gaith is making a name for himself at Cal. The Nuurglass facebook page (see link at the end of this article), where services can be ordered and paid for, is filled with positive student and faculty reviews praising the price, efficiency, high quality parts, and helpfulness of Gaith’s service.

Healing Tools: The parts that bring your iPhone back to life

​His drive to expand Nuurglass was reenergized in Kurt Beyer’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation course which acted as an incubation space for students to work on their startups. The course’s encouragement and lessons helped Gaith get past the business school’s sometimes consuming competitive spirit. Rather than getting “overworked and worked up”, as Gaith has noticed some students do, he allowed the competitive energy to “drive him”. Gaith reminds himself and his peers interested in entrepreneurial career pursuits that, “college is a microcosm of the world…now is the time to give something a shot,” because while it might be “scary, it’s [also] very exciting”. His passion and positive attitude have helped Gaith push through setbacks and continue building his company and team.
​His enterprise faces competition from larger companies but what makes Nuurglass unique is its place on the Cal campus and its creation, maintenance, and employment of Cal students. While the app is in beta, at launch, it will further expedite the already efficient and convenient on-demand process. Gaith has selected employees carefully considering not only their advanced mechanical, technical skills, but also their ability to immediately inspire trust between strangers. Gaith hopes to expand Nuurglass to the other UC campuses within the next five years. He’s a perfectionist, committed to ensuring all technicians and future college ambassadors operations are streamlined and error-free, creating the same trust and student connection he created on the Cal campus.

​In addition to campus expansion, Gaith wants to make a dent in e-waste. His research and training taught him that roughly “70% of a phone can be recycled” but the industry typically recycles “only about 14%” is. Gaith repairs electronics more efficiently. Nuurglass will help reduce e-waste, solve your tech emergencies, and provide mechanical training and employment to undergraduate students. It’s a classic Berkeley entrepreneurial story- improving life for customers, helping the planet, and achieving economic and personal success. The next time you have an incident with one of your smart devices, don’t stress. Let a Nuurglass technician come to you and bring your device “back to life”.


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