HBSA 2017 Election Voter Guide

Hey, Haas! Here’s the official 2017 HBSA Election Voter’s Guider. Please take a moment to check out the platforms that our peers are running with, this year! Voting will officially take place from April 10th-13th on CampusGroups.

You can vote at this link: http://tinyurl.com/hbsaelections17

Elyse Weissberger


Hey Haas! I’m very excited to be running for HBSA President for the 2017-2018 academic year. I view this as an opportunity to expand on the incredible programming implemented this year and to create new, exciting events for the Haas community. One area I am especially passionate about developing is Haas’ connection with the wider UC Berkeley campus. We have the opportunity to make a substantial impact both within and beyond the walls of Haas. From our professional development workshops to social events, I think it is important to invite non-Haas majors to teach, learn from, and interact with our wonderful student body. As a transfer student, it is especially important to me to work with the rest of the board to develop outreach programs that help transfers make their transition to UC Berkeley. I would like to start this summer by creating events for Pre-Core students introducing them to life at Haas and in Berkeley. I am also excited to work with the Cohort Leaders to create smaller cohort programs, such as movie nights or hikes that entice students to attend. I plan to revamp the program so that students from across the different cohorts can design events specific to their interests. I would like each cohort to be themed, so that students can be a part of a cohort that they identify with and feel a sense of belonging to. I can’t wait to work with everyone to create a memorable, enriching year!

Michael Wong

Executive Vice President

Hello fellow Haas students! My name is Michael Wong and it is my honor to announce that I am running to be the Executive Vice President for your Haas Business School Association. This past year I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work in the Technology and Communications committee and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. HBSA has enabled me to step outside of my comfort zone each and every day and has really allowed me to become the best version of myself. From working closely with various committees on events like the Haas Talent Show to facilitating online communications efforts to the undergraduate population, I have always felt like I am a part of an impactful group and I am eager to become even more involved. If selected as the EVP, my main goal is to promote a student-oriented vision. I plan to work closely with the President to reach out to both student organizations as well as individual undergraduates for consistent feedback on what HBSA can do for them. Based on the feedback we receive, I will communicate these messages to our individual committees so that we can tailor our events to the needs of the student population. Additionally, I hope to create cohesive community events like the Winter Formal that will bring various cohorts together. I have very high aspirations for what HBSA can accomplish, and it would be my honor to serve as your Executive Vice President for the 2017- 2018 academic year!

Kayla Lee

Vice President of Finance

Haas has been beyond my expectations in so many different ways. I still remember my accounting class last semester that I was collecting in-class feedbacks from. Not knowing most of the people in class and also being one out of the two juniors, I was more nervous than ever. However, this changed the minute I started speaking. I was welcomed with a warm round of applause, and some friends came to me afterwards and willingly offered to help me as mentors. Not only in that class, but I have also met so many great friends, professors and mentors at Haas, who made me who I am today. This is why I want to run for VP of Finance, to contribute better to the community that has given me so much already. As the VP of Finance, first of all, I want to make more people feel welcomed, and more connected. In order to do so, I want continue to build on the current events for the Haas community. I’ll be more than excited to bring the 2nd Winter Formal, Charity Talent Show, or even more ‘first ever’s. Also, I want to revamp the locker rental system. I want to make the rental system more accessible by actively publicizing and taking feedbacks from current users on how to better the rentals. This will let more people have a place to put books and blazers. I can’t wait to see how much difference we can make together for our community and beyond!

Michael Saucedo

Vice President of Professional Development


As the VP of Professional Development, I want to maximize the individual success of all Haas students during the recruiting process and provide more resources for continuing and transfer students who may be new to the recruiting process. As a transfer student myself, it was incredibly difficult recruiting for internships without the knowledge or experience that comes from participating in previous years. I consider myself lucky for the resources and network that come with being a student veteran, but not all students have access to those resources, making recruiting that much more difficult. Moving forward I want to pay back what I’ve learned and help as many Haas students as possible achieve My intention is to build a more collaborative and transparent recruiting process for incoming juniors and rising seniors, as well as create greater camaraderie within the Haas community! Some of my plans to accomplish these goals include: 1. Increasing the amount of resources available to Haas students, such as establishing a resume book for Haas undergraduates, mirroring the resource available to Haas MBA students. 2. Creating a more inclusive environment by improving outreach and establishing forums for juniors and seniors to share recruiting strategies and career opportunities. 3. Providing more frequent and more diverse workshops that will familiarize students with industry standards and recruiting deadlines. Please feel free to reach out and share your concerns, experiences, or suggestions regarding professional development at Haas. Thank you for your time!

Joshua Ahazie

Vice President of Student Affairs

As Vice President of Student Affairs, my focus will be ensuring all Haas students, both continuing and transfers have a great experience prior to, and while at Haas. In comparison to continuing students, transfers have little or no resources to aid their transition into the Haas program. Through transfer specific info sessions and mentorship programs, we can ensure a smoother transition for transfers and a stronger relationship between community colleges – all which enriches the Haas community at large. Our community is only as precious as the people in it. Success for me as VP of Student Affairs, will be to see more initiatives and events showcase the very students that make Haas great. I hope to build on what we have: our existing ideas, talents, cultures to ensure school remains fun. We have an opportunity to harness the collective impact of this group [Haas], and do something really special.

Serena Wang

Vice President of Student Affairs

Hi! My name is Serena Wang, and I am running to be your next VP of Student Affairs. My first day as an official Haas undergraduate was exciting. I felt like a freshman again, wandering the halls of Cheit and stepping foot into the large Andersen Auditorium. From being classmates with such brilliant students, to engaging with top professors, I was falling in love with everything that Haas had to offer. Now, as a HBSA mentor, HBSA essay reader, and Haas MBA extern, I am proud to be a Haas student. But there’s still so much left to experience. I want Haas to truly become a community in which we get to know each other – the diverse, ambitious, and passionate individuals that make up the Haas student body. I’m driven by potential, and I want to encourage, challenge, and provide our students with all the resources needed to be the best. My platforms are: 1) Expanding the HBSA mentorship program to provide MBA mentors to our Haas students. I wish to encourage a culture of reciprocation, to make sure that we are also investing into our upperclassmen as they give back. 2) Improving outreach to Pre-Haas students, by making the application workshops and panels more accessible and available to students. As an individual who has benefitted from these programs, I wish to drive greater student engagement so that underclassmen are well equipped for success and feel welcomed into the Haas community.

Emily Luna 

Vice President of Marketing

Lessening the communication gap amongst the student body and HBSA is my priority. Many of my peers are far too disconnected and uninformed about HBSA, thus making them indifferent towards the organization’s sponsored events and services. This can be accomplished through leveraging the HBSA social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and their unique features like Twitter Polls and Facebook Live. Although emails can be effective, great brands use social media quite often to humanize themselves and create relationships with their audiences. HBSA can do the same by directly connecting with the Haas student body through responding to their comments, questions and concerns on social media. In addition, I seek to ensure efficiency and consistency in sharing HBSA’s story by managing the website.

Anushree Bhimani

Vice President of MBA & Alumni Relations

As the VP of MBA & Alumni Relations, I hope to increase integration between the MBA and undergraduate community. One of my most impactful experiences at Haas has been my involvement as a mentee in the MBA-Undergrad mentorship program. In fact, it is thanks to my mentor that I was recently able to achieve a big milestone in my career path. Through this VP position, I wish to share the same resources and opportunities I had with the entire Haas community. Below are the main goals I strive to achieve in this role: 1. Continue and expand the MBA-Undergrad mentorship program. 2. Increase the frequency of MBA-undergrad networking events. 3. Generate awareness about different possible pathways before and after MBA. 4. Provide a platform for undergraduates to learn from real life experiences of MBA students. 5. Create a professional network of MBA students and undergraduates.

Stephanie Huang

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Every Haas student wants two things – internships and free food. Both of them happen to be goals I want to help you achieve as your VP of Corporate Relations. I have partnered with companies like A.T. Kearney, KPMG, and FTI Consulting and worked on events from info sessions, case competitions, to Bay Area-wide events. With my extensive experiences, I am confident that they have equipped me with the skills to achieve the following objectives: 1. Continue to strengthen existing corporate sponsorships. 2. Target industries Haas students typically pursue to expand partnerships. 3. Bring in companies from diverse industries to showcase the abundant opportunities available to Haas students. Networking is the key to recruitment, and I aim to create more opportunities for you to interact with recruiters and professionals firsthand. In addition to the typical accounting, banking, and consulting firms, I plan to bring in companies, such as tech startups, VC firms, and multinational consumer goods companies. There are so many different opportunities open to Haas students. By connecting Haas with diverse corporate sponsors, I hope to empower you to pursue your passion with confidence.


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