Not 106…Just My Experience

Following the end of a potentially restful or work filled summer, school is now in full swing. With that comes a whole slew of club invitations, new classes, and of course an entire inbox filled with welcome emails. Exciting? Yes, but also overwhelming.

So this post is not meant to add to that pile or to be another round of UGBA 106,  but rather it is meant to express my experience. I share this with hope that yes, maybe you will consider writing for the Haas Undergraduate Blog but also with the hope that no matter what extracurriculars you select, you can take the time and reflect on why you spend time doing what you’re doing.

Keeping a Record and Learning From It

Instagram, Blogs, Journals, Snapchat…these are all ways of keeping some kind of record of your life. There is value in investing time in these forms of record. That is for a number of reasons, but it is important to consider that you can actually learn from yourself. Looking back at my previous blog posts, I read a record of my past beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. It is easy to identify ways in which I have grown and opinions that have changed. By publishing work that is recorded, I have published accountability. That is powerful.

Contributing to the Larger Haas Community

Everybody reading this post has a unique perspective, and that is incredibly valuable. The way you think about the world, about business, and about others around you may be different than your peers. Sharing that diverse thought challenges both yourself and others in our Haas community. While I am able to share my stories briefly with peers in classes or in the courtyard, the blog has allowed me the opportunity to express and share my story in a completely different way. I have enjoyed getting to share glimpses of my life through the Haas blog and who knows, maybe you would too.

Giving Others a Voice

One of the most powerful aspects of the Haas Undergraduate Blog is that it allows you to feature professors, students, and high achievers on campus. Through these means, you, as a writer, have the unique power of giving others a voice. Not only this, but you are able direct interviews and learn from others in ways that you may not have previously. If there is a cause that you personally care about or a professor that you personally find fascinating, the blog can give you the power to share it. From my perspective, I have enjoyed learning from features on the Haas Blog and getting to better understand how my peers have been successful in their particular passions.

So, there you have my thoughts on why the blog has been valuable for my growth as a student, for the Haas community as a whole, and for other peers and causes that need a voice. No matter what you choose to pursue outside of the classroom, I hope that this encourages you to think of why. And of course, if you are still looking for a way to express your perspective on a larger scale…consider the Haas Undergraduate Blog.

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