Humans of Haas: Alex Jo


What are you passionate about and why?

I am passionate about exploring my Asian American identity because it is something personal to me and is constantly in motion. I am a part of AAA, Asian American Association, on campus, and studying abroad in Hong Kong this summer revealed new perspectives about culture, change, and cross-cultural understanding, especially the lack of it during my experiences studying, working, and traveling abroad. After graduating, I want to work in an international location or in a position that allows me to travel so that I can continue to have these interactions, deepen my personal sense of identity, and hopefully help foster deeper cross-cultural connections.

What is the happiest moment you’ve had at Haas?

My happiest moment at Haas was at the celebration of Chou Hall being distinguished as the greenest academic building in the country. My friends and I were studying hard for midterms all day in Cafe Think, and we walked outside and joined in on the festivities! There was music, free food, decorated cookies, and we ran into a lot of friends we hadn’t seen in a while. Small, happy moments like that remind me that the business circle truly is a strong, diverse community at Berkeley, and there’s never a dull moment at Haas.


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