PowerPoint and Sushi

Last night I went to a workshop on PowerPoint 2007 and let me tell you, Wow!

This is mind-blowing stuff. I’m so glad I went to this workshop because I otherwise wouldn’t have found out how much the new PowerPoint has to offer. The addition of “smart art” is probably the coolest new feature.

I thought everything I learned was useful and will help my presentations look better so I really suggest you go out and learn
what it has to offer. I’ll definitely be making my next presentation with 2007.

After the workshop a group of us gathered outside of the computer center and we decided to grab some grub at a local sushi place. Of course, this had “nothing” to do with the sushi place having dollar beers, we went for the food …

Goldman Sachs Case Competition

Last night I went to the final round of the 11th annual investment banking case competition hosted by Goldman Sachs. Undergraduates had an opportunity to form teams of 4 and analyze a Visa IPO case. The top 3 teams presented to a panel made up of Goldman, Visa, and Fidelity employees.

Former Goldman Chief Learning Officer, Dean Lyons, kicked things off for the night by thanking Goldman Sachs for their continued work with the Haas school.

The case: assuming it’s January 2008, should Goldman go through with an IPO of Visa? The teams gave their recommendations in a boardroom style presentation lasting 20 minutes each. All three teams were absolutely amazing and I was very much in awe for most of the night. They all recommended that Goldman go ahead with an IPO (and we of course know that they already did) and they outlined the pros and cons of an IPO, especially for the long term.
Team #3, made up of Tina Bao, Sebastian Cua, Simon Shen, and Brian Kim, was picked as the winner of the case competition. Major props to them.

I almost signed up for this case competition, but I saw a previous year’s case and I knew I wasn’t ready to value a company. One of the seniors told me that he learned a lot about valuation when he went to last year’s Valuation Workshop. This year the same workshop is being offered on October 19, and I made sure that I signed up on the first day that sign ups were open to juniors. I’ll be sure to post something about that when I go.

Cal beats ASU and the Stanfurd trees lose

The football game against ASU was sweeeet! The Cal team got off to a great start, and we were able to keep ASU at bay with a final score of 24-14. After cheering for our team in the student section, my throat was a little sore and my voice was a little weak. I was in need of some refreshments.

Me and a friend went to a local Berkeley spot for some food and drinks. We talked and rambled about many things, including what we want to do after we graduate. After a few hours, a friend joined us and we somehow managed to get on the subject of reggaeton music and its metaphorical nature. “Gassolina” anyone?
All in all it was a great day. Not only did we beat ASU but the Stanfurd trees lost to Notre Dame. I can’t wait until the Big Game!